About us


Antolaketa eta Zerbitzuak, SL has over 20 years preparing to make your move. We have the best staff and equipment as well as our know-how, so that your move is not traumatic. Let us help you, and you will notice the difference.

Our Sales Department will be responsible for obtaining all information necessary to prepare a quote, as tight as possible and taking into account your needs at all times.

Our services and transfers are spread around the world through international staff members available to us, and by any means, land, air or sea ..

Differential factors. Our Values.

1. Commitment to Quality: The commitment of eta Antolaketa Zerbitzuak to quality by the guidelines and actions taken in this regard by management have resulted in a process of continuous improvement throughout the organization and the obligation to involve all members on excellence in service and a job well done in order to ensure the level of satisfaction demanded by our customers.

2. Flexibility in Service: We understand as one of our quality differential values ​​resulting high degree of flexibility in the service we offer, due to the heterogeneity of our group of professionals and diversity of material from which we have. This allows us to adapt the methodology and timing to the characteristics of each client and each service controlling each and every stage of its provision.

3. Planning and Control: Planning the eta Antolaketa Zerbitzuak services begins with the verification of availability of necessary human and material resources since the first phase of the bid preparation to final delivery of the products ordered, taking into account the need monitoring, which, through the implementation of controls in the quality system to ensure compliance with service requirements.

4. Professional Team: The expertise of a team of qualified and experienced in the sector, which makes up Zerbitzuak eta Antolaketa template, continuously, for more than 20 years. During this time Antolaketa Zerbitzuak eta has determined the skills required for each position, training systems and adaptation necessary for new staff and control mechanisms needed to identify and detect deviations and corrective measures put into practice.

5. Guarantee successful implementation of Services Provided: Using a proprietary methodology and proven experience in both the planning and execution of the same as in the management of the requirements and risks associated to the service itself.

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